eBook: 11 Steps to Goal-Getting

<span itemprop="name">eBook: 11 Steps to Goal-Getting</span>
A 12-Week Do-It-Yourself Program
A 12 Week Do-It-Yourself Program

Imagine a life of financial freedom with fewer worries and the tools to create and implement your financial goals with ease and flow.

This book is a step by step guide that helps you develop and implement actions needed to get your goals. You get clear instructions on investing 15 minutes each day to reprogram your subconscious. This assists you to breakthrough all limitations and yield astounding results.Some of the vital concepts addressed in this book are:

  • Gain clarity on your personal reasons to succeed and perception of future once the goals have been achieved.
  • Learn to discern between needs and wants.
  • There are many laws besides the law of attraction when it comes to attaining or getting goals. Some of them are the law of creation and the law of sacrifice. These laws have been explained in depth here.
  • Everyone has a personal code for prosperity and this is what creates our reality. In this book you are taken through a step by step guide to rewrite your personal prosperity blueprint using self-hypnosis.This must be one of the first books to help you integrate your thoughts and emotions with your physical body to succeed in business and life. Though the book focuses on financial success, the principles are universal and can be used in all areas of life: relationships, health, spirituality. It is a book that takes you from goal setting to goal getting.

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