Hypnosis Audio: Pain Control

<span itemprop="name">Hypnosis Audio: Pain Control</span>

Pain Control: A Hypnosis Journey

Pain is a must for us to feel alive. Pain helps us from hurting ourselves. Pain doesn’t need to be your constant companion. Physical pain is short-lived. Emotional pain when left unresolved grows stronger. Mental pain is a tangled web of torture which leaves its host spinning in circles or paralyzed. This is victim-hood which creates dependency on something external. Drugs, alcohol, fantasies, addiction are all a coping mechanism.

When you hurt, your subconscious registers the moment. Next time you experience pain, the existing memory of pain grows stronger. Over time, the pain memory is a reality that follows you like your shadow.

Hypnosis is an easy and effective way of living pain-free right from the first session. You do not need to unravel yourself from painful memories and relive them. You can take this hypno-journey as often as you need it. Take a chance and learn to take control over pain.

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