Monthly Mastermind

Monthly Mastermind with Coach Keya at Ventura Healing Center


Monthly Masterminds are free for all Insider & Premium Members.
You can register for the mastermind for $25, or become an Insider Member for $20/month and get access to all meditations & masterminds.

Monthly Virtual Mastermind Meeting Agenda (current; subject to change without notice)

  1. Glow + Grow [15-30 seconds each; up to 10 minutes] Each attending member will share a brief success story. Tell us what’s working or worth celebrating or what you’ve learned and earned. We’re happy for you!
  2. Hot Topic [Up to 30 minutes] Discussion of topic as agreed by group. May include case studies, demonstrations, tools or whatever is required. This is your time so you let us know what you want to share or learn.
  3. Laser Coaching/Masterminding [Up to 30-45 minutes] Each member usually has between 2-5 minutes to get coaching, feedback, brainstorming and ideas. Until you experience this process, you may not realize how much can be accomplished in a very short time. Super valuable!
  4. Wrap Up [Up to 10 minutes] Feedback and take-aways. May include fun stuff like a random drawing for Mastermind money and a group photo. (coming soon)