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It is easier walk on fire than sit still and look within. Meditation is hard because your mind wants to either dream of the future or swim in your memories. A restless mind creates a restless body. In order to successfully meditate you need to prepare your body. Yoga is the way, it provides the means to sit still and look within and know your true nature – it is pure, you are divine.

Yoga is the process of peeling away what’s unreal and becoming aware of your true nature as a divine spirit. It teaches you how to transcend your pre-programming.
Ayurveda helps you grow and stay healthy to understand and continue with your purpose on this planet. It teaches you how to successfully manage your life without feeling trapped in it.
The earliest known book on Yoga is the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. Over the next 18 classes, we will go through the 18 basic concepts of living a fulfilled life through your personal, peaceful and doable practice of yoga. If you miss a class, don’t worry, come for what you can and you can make up next time.
For 2 hours on Sundays, we will gather to learn Yoga, to Meditate and understand our bodies and how it aligns with your mind. You affect the environment just as much as your environment affects you.
Each class is for $25 or 10 classes for $150. Click here to register for the class you choose to attend. VHC Prime members always attend all classes for free. VHC Loyalty club members earn free classes. VHC Passport holders earn discounted classes.
THIS EVENT IS FOR BEGINNERS and those curious about Yoga, Meditation, Wellness & Peace of Mind.
If you are a therapist, a wellness practitioner or an expert of any sort, come share your knowledge and wisdom with the rest of us.
Learning how to balance your imbalances helps you get better at everything you do.
This class is more of a Satsang – a gathering of seekers of truth, here to identify their true nature and learn how to feel stronger, and have more peace in life.
All participants must pre-register with full payment.
Write to me at and let me know you will be there. I will send you a payment request. Once you pay and pre-register, I shall send you the address.
This class is fun, but it is only for sincere seekers. Each class is open to a max of 10 participants for greater intimacy and interaction. Once the 10 spots are full, you will be on a waitlist. After pre-registering with full payment, if you can’t make it because of an emergency, just write to me so I can give your spot to someone else.
Your payment will be applied to the next class you choose to attend.
Bring your journal, pens, yoga mat and meditation cushion, blanket if you have one and water. If you are bringing a partner of a friend, each of you must be pre-registered.
Hope to see you in the class.

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