Action Calls

Action Calls - Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday for VHC Premium Members


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You get:

  1. One-on-One Lazer focussed coaching for five minutes depending on who your sequence of arrival into the Cyber-room
  2. To watch and learn as Coach Keya works with others at the coaching call
  3. Sixty-seconds of
    1. what sparkled in the call (so you are taking notes during my time with each participant)
    2. ask any other question

Frequency: Weekly on

  • Mondays at 1PM
  • Wednesdays at 5PM
  • Fridays at 10AM

All times are Pacific Time (US & Canada).

Please note there are no Action Calls on certain national (US) holidays or months in which there are five Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays; see the Calendar or weekly update email for details.

Format: These short calls are designed to provide support, accountability and inspiration on a weekly basis. The structure of the call is simple: Just call in, and ask for what you need from your coach: coaching, ideas, feedback, support, guidance, resource, or whatever.

Each member will have five minutes to check in, share wins AND to state commitments for the coming week. Since time is tight on these calls, a timer will be used to enforce the five-minute per member rule.

Length: Please note that the calls will start on the hour but will only last as long as there are members on the call. When everyone has had their 5 minutes, we’re done, we’ll hang up and move on with our day. (So don’t be surprised if you dial in late and find nobody on the call.)

There is no obligation to remain on the call after your turn, unless you feel inspired or motivated by hearing others. You may leave without guilt, and get on with your day, or stay on the call to be inspired by what others are accomplishing or planning, if that is helpful to you.

Access: The link for the current/next meeting is posted on this page.

Registration: Registration is not necessary, but will be available for those who wish to receive a confirmation and reminder by email.

The following content is accessible for members only, please sign in.