Hypnosis Audio: Affirmations for Prosperous Living

<span itemprop="name">Hypnosis Audio: Affirmations for Prosperous Living</span>

Affirmations for Prosperous Living

Prosperity is health, happiness and wealth. To feel prosperous you need a healthy combination of all its three ingredients.

Listening to these suggestions lets you embark on a journey. Here you shift your belief system and experience prosperity with all your six senses. You teach yourself to make choices that take you on a path of prosperity. Your subconscious mind eliminates negative self-talk from the past. You begin to believe in possibilities and create a prosperous future.

Affirmations are powerful when you use them daily before bed. When you go to sleep, the suggestions begin to take effect. This is energy medicine getting evoked within you.

Helping my clients live their life liberated using principles of hypnosis, NLP & Huna.