eBook: 21 Days Stronger

<span itemprop="name">eBook: 21 Days Stronger</span>

21 Days Stronger: It's More than Gratitude Journaling

Each day is the first day of a new year. Any day could be the day to set your goals. How many times have you done this and quit before you began? This book teaches how to create S.M.A.R.T. Goals. There is a step by step process and this book will take you through it all to the end. It takes 21days to create a new habit. This book will inspire you each day and allow you to create and live a legacy. It is a 5-7 minute investment each day to truly make life happen for you. Once you do it for 21 days you get to do it again all right here. Ready to get your goals? Ready to build a legacy? Whether it is love, family, career, health or finances or a feel good personal growth or a spiritual practice. This book will take you through the journey until you get your goals and are ready to start over again.

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