Got dreams?

Got dreams?

The topic of the day is DREAMS. Did you know that you are always dreaming? Dreaming is a constant for the mind. You dream when you are asleep. Also when you are awake. The only time the mind is not dreaming is when you are meditating in a thoughtless state.

Dreams are how your subconscious mind communicates with you. Learn more write to
Got dreams?

Dreams are the way your subconscious mind processes information. This is also how it communicates with your conscious mind. Dreams with a plan are your goals. When goals are never-ending, it’s greed. The Bible speaks of gluttony. Yes, it is an addiction.

Speak to any goal driven person and they will deny their addictions. How do you know if you are in control of your goals or if your goals are running your life?

Above all, it is easy to get addicted to anything: love, fear, work, all emotions, and even goals.

In my model of the world, peace and contentment come from striking a balance. Pause, breathe, notice. When you feel helpless in any situation, it is time to return to your center. Calibrate your emotions, your situation, and even your goals.

I wrote a brief piece on stopping self-sabotage and being a pragmatic dreamer. Read on by clicking here.

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