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Dec 21, 2020 Newsletter

From the desk of Coach Keya, Dec. 21, 2020

Hello, my dear 🙂

Hello, my dear Friend,

I am creating an intimate and safe communityfree and online – the trend of the future. 😉 It’s not social media.

It’s a place where heart-centered people like you, from the world, gather to find joy, purpose, direction, love, and achieve life mastery. It’s for you to experience, share, and witness within each other emotional wellness, personal growth, and spiritual evolution.

It’s a place for your hurrahs and tears. It’s a place for you to be curious, receive, and share support. I will be having monthly drawings too. And the law of reciprocity always applies. The more you participate the more you will receive. If you feel you are a heart-centered person then this is for you. If you know of other heart-centered people in your life who could use a community of other like-minded folks, I would love for you to invite them to join.

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Keya Murthy,
The Soul Coach